Trade Credit Policy

Here's a run-down on our bookstore's trade credit policy. Acceptable incoming books will receive 30%-40% of the anticipated used book price, which is generally the same as 15%-20% of the publisher's or adjusted list price as trade credit. Exceptions may apply. We no longer give credit for books we intend to sell for $1.49 or less.

Remember, better condition equals better credit. Know in advance that we are extremely tough on grading incoming books. It doesn't matter whether you purchased your books through our store, another used bookstore, a new bookstore or a thrift store...all we care about is the condition of the books when it crosses our counter. Even if your books are in beautiful condition, there is a chance that we are overstocked or we know it won't move, so we won't take it.

Please, please, please...don't bring in your cat urine-stained books (and yes, we get a lot of those!), boxes of dust/dirt covered books with dead bugs or even live spiders (yuck), stained covers and pages (food, chocolate and the unknown are popular finds), torn covers and loose pages. We don't accept magazines, older textbooks and Reader's Digest condensed books, out-dated/obsolete non-fiction, computer and technical titles.

Our used books sell for half the publisher or list price, minimum $2.00, unless otherwise marked. Categories that you can't use your trade credit on are hardcover releases not yet out in paperback, classics and literature (which includes required school readings) and hard-to-find/out-of-print titles. Books priced $1.99 or less are also non-tradable as these books have been heavily discounted.

Yay, now you've got some trade credit. How do you use it? You can use your trade credit on about 95% of our used half priced books. All our used books are priced on the back cover. Look for the label over the original barcode. The price listed at the top right corner is the used book price. If you have enough trade credit you can pay for half of the used book price with your trade credit while the other half of the used book price must be paid with cash, check, debit card and/or credit card. However, if the label says "No Trade" you may not use trade credit on your used book purchase. You are responsible for the sales tax on the used book price. Please remember that there will never be a time that you won't pay something - usually 25% - for your used book with trade credit. Trade credit pays for a portion of your used book not all.

We will keep your trade credit on file for two years from the last time you used it (effective 04/01/1998). So remember to use it or lose it. There you have it. If you think this trade policy works for you, then we would love to look at your books. Otherwise, we suggest keeping your books and paying half price instead.

Updated 05/25/2014